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Dr. Michael Datcher Keynote Address



I view the Keynote Address as an opportunity to inspire an auditorium full of people. In our increasingly cynical world, true inspiration is an under utilized technology which has the power to activate the inner power of individuals who are often  being constrained by some manifestation of fear.  As a child borne of an act of violence and given up for adoption to a single mother, I have overcome extraordinary odds to become an entrepreneur, earn my Ph.D. in English literature, land a spot on the New York Times Bestseller’s List and land spot on Oprah’s  TV couch. I KNOW the possible lives in each human being. It brings me tremendous joy to challenge and inspire individuals unleash their possibilities on the world. My topics range from Productivity Through Joy to American Race Relations to Inspiring Leadership to The Power of Story to Overcoming Obstacles to The Power of Doing Good.

The Keynote Address: $7445