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The Mini-Memoir & iBrand



During college, in particular, there is a verifiable magical power in writing down your Story. While establishing your educational foundational for success in a competitive world, the act of writing your Story can heal you, empower you and inspire you to be a better, more joyful, human being. This is not hyperbole. This is my personal experience writing my Story, which became a New York Times Bestselling memoir and this is my personal experience teaching memoir writing for over 20 years. The Mini-Memoir is the magic potion in Productive Through Joy’s Story-based, results-oriented process.  The Mini-Memoir & iBrand Intensive 1-Day College Workshop, specifically, is designed to enhance motivation, confidence and professional development for students over the course of 3-hour morning session and a 3-hour afternoon session.

The 1-Day College Workshop has a 25-person capacity: $9445